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Shamanic Journeying  

Beginning Shamanic Journeying Classes

This workshop is designed to teach basic Shamanic practices essential to further one’s spiritual development while living in today's world.

Participants will learn to journey to the Lower World, the Upper World and Middle World. Students will also learn how to retrieve a power animal for another person.

The Beginning Shamanic Journeying class usually meets for three evenings, and completion of all three is a prerequisite to moving forward into intermediate and/or advanced workshops.

This class is sometimes conducted in one intensive full-day session.

Students should bring:

  • A blanket and/or pillow to sit on
  • A scarf or eye shade to cover the eyes
  • A drum and/or rattle
  • A notebook and a pen
  • Water to drink

Intermediate/Advanced Shamanic Journeying Classes

These follow-on workshops bring the student deeper into his/her shamanic practice by learning new journeying techniques that incorporate ceremony, healing, divination and helps build a deeper relationship with your power animals and spiritual teachers and guides.

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