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Since she was a small child ChandraMa has had the ability to communicate with Spirit and those that have crossed over to the Other Side. Talking with Spirit and deceased ancestors seemed normal to her until she shared an experience with her mother at the age of four. She gave her mother a message from her deceased Aunt, her motherís sister that had passed long before ChandraMa was born. The message was received with shock and disbelief. However, as ChandraMa grew up it became more and more evident that Spirit sought her out, brought her amazing messages and experiences that helped her develop her gifts in ways that were practical and acceptable to her, her family, friends and others. Throughout her life people looked to ChandraMa for advice, answers to their problems and seemed to find comfort in her words and actions.

In her first professional life, ChandraMa worked as a paralegal with several attorneys for over 25 years utilizing her gifts in many ways when interviewing clients and witnesses, assisting with jury selection and the trial process. She then worked several years with an agency supporting the developmentally disabled assisting however and wherever she was needed. Utilizing her gifts to help others has been the main thrust and purpose of her life. All these years of working, experiencing life and helping others was actually preparing her for her second professional life as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. A life that is truly a gift and a blessing.

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