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Shamanic Healing  
Soul Retrieval

Each one of us has current life or past life experiences that enabled pieces of our soul to leave us. Sometimes those pieces are taken from us (unknowingly or deliberately) by others in our lives. Soul Retrieval is a way to bring those pieces back to us. The Shamanic Healer utilizes specific techniques to bring back these pieces and help you integrate those pieces into your current life in a way that results in deep personal healing. Plan on 2-3 healing sessions.


Throughout our daily lives we encounter negative energy in many forms that can cause spiritual illness and/or physical illness. Extraction is a technique the Shamanic Healer utilizes to remove these illnesses from the etheric field of energy that can result in healing physical illness as well as spiritual illness.

Destiny Tracking

Through the journeying process the Shamanic Healer can track your life's destiny and help you to realize your life's purpose. Then work with you to help you discover how to get rid of your limiting beliefs that hold you back from that destiny so you can gain better health and a richer more meaningful life.

Past Life Investigation

Through the journeying process the Shamanic Healer can discover past lives that may be affecting current life situations or help you gain knowledge about yourself to affect personal healing around current life situation.

Fee Schedule for Healing Sessions:

  • First session $125
  • Subsequent sessions $75

To schedule an appointment or for more information contact or by telephone at 207.626.0911.

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