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Advanced Shamanism  

Advanced Shamanism

This workshop is designed to teach advanced Shamanic practices to individuals who already familiar with Journeying and other skills.

The six classes in the course will cover:

  • Rites of Passage and Initiations
  • Extraction Techniques
  • Psychopomp Techniques
  • Soul Retrieval Techniques
  • Tracking Techniques
  • Ceremony
  • Other healing techniques

The classes will meet for a full day (9am to 4 or 5pm) once per month for six consecutive months. Commitment to attend all six sessions is important as each class builds on the previous material.

Lunch will not be provided. Participants may bring a bag lunch (fridge and microwave are available), we can send out or go to a local establishment for a quick lunch. Water and some light snacks will be available.

Students should bring:

  • A blanket and/or pillow to sit on
  • A scarf or eye shade to cover the eyes
  • A drum and/or rattle
  • A notebook and a pen
  • Water to drink
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