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WERU - Manifesting  
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"WERU Radio Esoterica Series"

"Manifest What I Want"

Hi, this is ChandraMa for Estoterica, a short feature
where I speak about topics beyond the five senses.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary “Manifest” means “to make evident or certain by showing or displaying (manifesting the intent to make a gift).” How interesting that the words “intent” and “gift” are part of this definition. But where do they fit into manifesting our own personal desires? Isn’t it enough to have the intent and what if it is not about giving away what we desire?

Intent is not enough. From my own experiences with manifesting I have learned that pure and clear intent is a necessary ingredient but action goes along with it. Doing a ritual, stating intention, stating desire, asking with love and compassion then sitting back and waiting for “it” to appear does not work. So often we believe that all we have to do is ask and it will be given. When what we ask for doesn’t show up we lose confidence in ourselves and in the Universe thinking that we are not deserving or that the Universe is mad at us. We forget about the action part -- Action by definition denotes movement of some sort, movement of the body or the mind. Stating intent or doing ritual is action but what we forget is that it takes co-creation, action with another to bring about what we desire. Co-creation with Spirit, the Universal Consciousness, the Divine Source, Creator or whatever you wish to call it. The Divine Source wants us to be successful, to be happy, and to be at peace and in harmony so that we can live our life purpose. There is more than enough for all no matter what it is that we desire or need. Love yourself, forgive yourself of imperfections and truly believe that you deserve happiness, success, peace and harmony and then allow the Universe to provide. Once the Universe fills those desires, accept it with love and gratitude as the perfect, deserving being that you are.

What comes to my mind is the time that I needed a new car and had no money to buy one. I set out my intent “I need a new car. A VW Beetle would be nice, with automatic, green and affordable.” I said. I did the ritual (burned the green candle, wrote out the intent etc.) and contacted a friend that worked at a car dealership and let him know I was looking but couldn’t afford a lot. About a year passed and I was just about ready to give up when I got a call from my friend. He had gotten in a VW Beetle did I want to come look at it. I went and it wasn’t exactly what I had asked for (it was red and a standard) but the price was right. However I learned I needed a bit more money for a down payment than I had. I trusted that the Universe did not bring me this opportunity for me to lose it. So I set my intent again, prayed and when I got home that night there was a check in the mail from a person that had owed me money. It was enough for the down payment and I got the car. What I learned from this was that it takes patience, trust and faith that the Universe will bring you what you desire/need when it is time and in the manner that is best for you. Not necessarily in the way that you expect or you think it should be. It is what is best for you

So in a nutshell, what I learned and experienced about manifesting my desires, is: (1) set clear intention; (2) do ritual (if you want); (3) have positive thoughts, words and actions; (4) know and believe that you are deserving (5) co-create; (6) trust; (7) have patience; and (8) express gratitude for what you receive

Oh, don’t forget about giving and sharing. A spiritual teacher of mine once said to me “the more you give the happier you will be and the longer you will live.” That does not mean you have to give everything you have away. But from my experience what it does mean is that giving and sharing what you have from heartfelt love and compassion brings you joy, happiness, peace and harmony. What a wonderful way to live, to walk your path and to co-create. Happy manifesting!

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