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WERU - Mediumship  
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Hi, this is ChandraMa for Estoterica, a short feature
where I speak about topics beyond the five senses.

So, What is a Medium, Really?

There are lots of practitioners out there calling themselves different things i.e. Medium, Psychic-Medium, Psychic. It can get quite confusing when choosing someone to go to for a reading. Is one method better than another, what are the differences and what exactly do they do when they “read” you?

Let’s start with some simple definitions. (1) Medium – someone that connects with Spirit, persons, animals that are dead (commonly referred to as “crossed over” or “passed”). (2) Psychic – an individual that has extrasensory abilities and/or strong intuition that is sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. (3) Psychic-Medium – a person that has both medium and psychic abilities.

Depending upon what book you read or who you ask, the common belief is that mediums are born. Most need to develop and grow their gifts and abilities. Many Mediums have been communicating with the dead from the time they were children, and some may have discovered the gift later in life after a traumatic event brings it forward. Psychic abilities can be learned. Everyone has some psychic ability and intuition. It is those gut feelings we get. For example, the phone rings and you know who it is without caller ID. The way a Medium contacts Spirit or the dead varies by individual. Some may go into a trance-like state, others close their eyes, there are those that use their hands or move their eyes in a different way and then there are mediums that you can’t see what they are doing or how they are getting their information. It doesn’t matter how the medium makes the connection, it is whether or not the message is meaningful to you.

A Psychic-Medium blends communication with the other side along with intuition and sensitivity to bring the message forward. Oftentimes the information can appear to be silly or inconsequential. That is just one way Spirit validates their presence in your life. For example a friend that has passed brings through a message about make-up that is all over the bathroom and most of it is expired. The person receiving reading laughs because that morning they spilled their make-up bag all over the bathroom and when putting the make-up away they realized that much of it was past the use date. The message seems trivial but proves to the client that her friend is indeed with her and knows what is happening in her life. Because of his/her sensitivity to energy, a Psychic-Medium may tell you things that just happened to you or thoughts you might have just had because these events and thoughts are imprinted in your energy field and he/she can pick up on them from that field. Since a Psychic-Medium has mediumship abilities, he/she may actually see, hear, feel, or just know what is happening within your energy field. The combination of abilities provides the opportunity for much more information to come through to the client. However, that does not mean that other methods are not as effective. All methods can be very meaningful and successful.

Regardless of the type of skill the person uses to bring information to a client, how effective or ineffective the reading is depends on that specific client and his/her behavior not just on the gifts of the person doing the reading. The person seeking a reading or advice should come into the process with an open mind, an open heart and the knowledge that this is not an exact science. A reading is not about “testing” the Medium, Psychic or whomever doing the reading, nor is it the reader’s job to make a believer out of the seeker or prove anything to that person. The responsibility of the reader is to bring forward information that is hopefully meaningful and helpful to the person being read. When going for a reading be fair, honest and open to the reader and he/she will do the same. After all, the reading is for the client’s benefit not the reader’s.

When choosing a someone for a reading, ask friends, family, coworkers for referrals, check out advertisements in local spiritual or new age type newspapers or go on line and search the web for your area. After you have found someone don’t be disappointed if this seemingly wonderful person doesn’t resonate with you, we are not all energy matches. Don’t give up, follow your own instincts and intuition and try with someone else. Readings are a wonderful tool to help a person that feels stagnated, or someone that is grieving and can’t seem to move forward, or to assist with finding an answer to a specific question or problem.

As that famous bible quotation says “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7.7.

So, happy seeking!

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